Get paid before payday

Completely free to use, Earnd is an app giving you instant access to a percentage of your earnings ahead of payday.

  • No fees or charges ever
  • No impact on your tax
  • No impact on your credit rating
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How it works


1. Each day, a percentage of your daily earnings is added to your app balance.


2. Transfer what you need instantly to your bank account, before payday.


3. Transfers made in app will be deducted from your next payday.

How we're helping

“It's been a really positive experience for me. It's simple and easy to use and gives me control over my money, which I like.”

IT Manager, Royal Free

“It's been so simple and easy to set up and use. I've used it for things I've forgotten about like my monthly travel card and when money is tight at the end of the month, it's stress-free.”

Therapy Services Admin, Royal Free

“Accessing part of my salary early, through an app I'm really confident about, lets me make the absolute most of my money.”

Neurology Registrar, Royal Free

Who are Greensill?

Greensill is one of the UK’s fastest-growing finance companies, but probably not one that you’ve heard of. Greensill enables companies (and now employees) that have done work to be paid early.